• I continually think of October as far away. Even in October, I find it hard to think of some mentioned October day as anything other than several months away, then my perspective jolts me into realizing that date arrives tomorrow.

    Not tomorrow, but next week.

  • Upgraded my two main devices to iOS 12.4.1 to have them feel new while I make due.

    Liking Shortcuts a lot.

  • Looking forward to when they space phone-length lens / sensors apart for stereoptic pictures.

  • Long mornings start at 11 pm

  • Switched to yearly

  • Forty years ago Skylab reentered 🗺 Earth’s atmosphere.

  • “Because our laws frame privacy as an individual right, we don’t have a mechanism for deciding whether we want to live in a surveillance society.”

  • Tabletop appears prevalent. It does well to describe virtual meeting spaces in most forms, usually simulating a table experience.

    April 17a

  • Dreadful that in this era a fire could take down this historic cathedral.

    April 16a

  • Another gasp for air, another escape from going under, it persists.

    April 15a

  • Just discovered that links or addresses of prior day’s posts change when they go to archive, i.e., the date gets stripped. Fun editing ahead of me.

    April 14p

  • Rules, rules, rules.



    April 12a

  • If you do not already drink your coffee unsweetened, you should give it a try sometimes. After a few sips, the bitterness diminishes and throughout you get the full flavor it presents. I forget this and by forgetting my sweetener on occasion, it reminds me.

    April 10a

  • Ugh. Half asleep yesterday, my words sound almost robotic. Too little rest.

    April 09a

  • Sleep cycles have more bodily effects than light and dark on eyes, some long set to convenient time take massive effort to realign.

    April 08p

  • Digital decluttering helps keep thoughts clear. Though not always welcome, the alert to do so pushes me to minimize its spread.

    April 07a

  • Currently reading: Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer 📚

    An entertaining way to learn about editing.

    April 06a

  • Follow up: I didn’t back it. I could not justify this one. It will hurt later.

    April 05a

  • More like AWMO — Annoyed With Missing Out. Staring at that just interesting enough Kickstarter project in its final campaign hours trying to justify backing in some small way.

    April 04a

  • Infringement Penalty Prison

    Company infringes on rights instead of paying some reasonable license or rights use fee. Taken to court after refusing to pay those fees, even after cordial notification and then legal notification. If found guilty, sentenced to pay a significantly higher penalty (than the reasonable fees) annually for some extensive term. Not “until they start paying the rights fees and comply”, but “until the sentenced term expires.” And they have, “done their time.”

    April 03a

  • That felt like a long day. Only recovering from it now. I blame late caffeine for some of it.

    April 02p

  • Time to tip-toe around all the deceptively offered 401s, avoiding their tempting springs.

    April 01a

  • Crowd funding with a changing project director (creator): government

    How many Kickstarters would you back if you knew they would change leaders every week?

    March 31a

  • Taxing day, whew!

    March 30a

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