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Amazon have started negotiations for your data at $2 a month. A lowball.

It has started.

They have a long way to go to meet any price I would consider but, the acknowledgement means free won’t hold much longer.

❄ Maybe a flurry of connections? ❄️

Joy seeing all these connections!

Timing 🌲

Did an old equivilant of “sleeping-in” today.

Meaning: I woke at 5 am, did my morning daily stuff, then took a nap for five hours.

[yes, blurry the vision followed. if you must know.]

Foggy last night with cold patches of air you could feel amid warmer patches while driving through them. 🌫

Pretty grateful to the team for bringing this platform to a level to meet this time of Internet citizen dispersion.

When you do all the right formatting and realize you didn’t-install-the-plug-in!

Thank you, blog logs.

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