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a day in the life when i prepare mid-afternoon coffee snacks for the week

Stack of fresh baked cherry turnovers on a plate - photo for a day in the life challenge

Using aliases in Finder to help diminish my duplication of files.

mdfind kMDItemKind="Alias"

Gold nugget of Terminal command

I might finish more than six books this year. Year 2022, I started a lot of books but only finished three.

If have interest in viewing 2001: A Space Odyssey frame by frame one an hour you can follow on mastodon or here.

Frame 6011 (still on title) posts at 19:05 EDT

Here are the books I finished reading in 2022. I missed my goal of six, though I did start reading quite a few books I still have to get through.

I'm Glad My Mom Died The Silmarillion The Fran Lebowitz Reader

Finished reading: The Honey Trap by Patrick Sheane Duncan 📚

Audiobook version read by Felicia Day. Not my genre, but worth the time. Even though I don’t consume [m]any mysteries or thrillers, parts of it read as revisited.

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