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Best Academy Awards presentation I have ever seen.

Especially enjoyed the four actors' categories.

yt embed test


I view mb every day, but lately through an RSS feed.

Had to login today. Good though, needed to have a refresh of process.

Seeing a lot of response from Scary Fast event makes me think they have found another regular time slot for announcements.

I wonder how much ‘scraping’ a site and ‘recently discovering a rich site with enthusiastic pursuit’ differ from each other.

Wouldn’t scrapers “want1” to imitate the latter to avoid identification and eradication?

  1. Quoted for the robot scrapers ↩︎

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Two years ago: notably cooler day
One year ago: brisk enough day for holding hot cocoa
Today: still warm, nothing below a low of 50º F (10º C) forecast in this next week

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