@manton First Magic Preview, now Spell Checking. You trying to turn us into blogging wizards?

@sod I didn't guess, I inserted the /magic page on the address bar because of your documentation when I didn't see it appearing in Pages link.

So, it won't conflict if we add a /magic page in Pages link? And, you don't need to add a page in the Pages link, just keep using the /magic URL as per documentation?

@manton I didn't mean to ask to change anything, just trying to get a clear understanding of what to expect and what to avoid (re: above about whether to avoid adding /magic in Pages) as it stands now.

Thank you both for that further explanation. Definitely a fun way to see live editing.

@sod Awesome! Started using it today after seeing @manton post about it.

I noticed /magic does not show up in side-link "Pages"‡ on and kept looking for it there before simply adding /magic to the address bar URL. It works!

‡ will that eventually happen?

@jean Loving the PNW vibe of this meetup. January with light jackets. Missing only warm drinks.

@cygnoir I like how in various layering helps earn its name more and more. Light honey, dark honey.