On the sixth day of writing, I hit a stumbling point where I would write a word or two then just think and think and think about what word to put next. It slowed me down tremendously. After more than twenty minutes of that sticky gooey method, I decided to try stream of consciousness writing. I had not written that way for a long time so, it took a while for my fingers to “just type the damn thing” each time a thing came to mind every moment. Constantly editing. “No, skip editing.” Feeling the pain of every misspelling. “But the words! So many words!” And they did quickly fly from mind to editor, word after word, gaining a flow of just getting those words out of my mind. As more words appeared on the page, fewer words bothered my thinking. My writing accuracy improved as well — fewer red-underlines which I longed to remove by altering settings.

Then came the calm. I wrote more clearly while thoughts moved from mind to sentences steadily. I hit my goal for the session. The target progress indicator went green. I broke past whatever hinderances I had built. On subsequent sessions whenever I felt drained of thought on a topic, I would start a new one. It helps that I had started a to-do list where I added any new topics which sprang to mind while writing a current one — solid advice I took from Being Productive course by Kourosh Dini. A few times I would go back to a topic if I realized I needed to add a point or two, one of them exploding with words after a particular breakthrough.

I did not need to return to stream of consciousness writing. The one time expanded the boundaries I had set within, freeing me to fill them for the rest of the month.