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September issue of Arcadia magazine cover surprised me with its astounding quality. Inspiring art by Brett Bullion.

Magazine cover Arcadia depicting a plant life humanoid in form of a knight who has a squirrel on one shoulder and two birds on the other. Knight also holding a sword, blade tip against ground.

Quite possibly the most flimsy dough rise.

Nothing but nooks and crannies.

Bread day going well.

Underappreciated overnight fridge proof-starts. This latest loaf already had a half rise on it this morning.

Three weeks worth of starter feeding discard makes a bigger than average loaf. It does have trouble building glutenous strands for structure, so slicing leaves a lot of crumbs.

Working with dough teaches patience.

breakfast of tomato soup with sourdough bread - bliss

Messy bagels make the best bagels.

Triple bulk starter time

At over eighty percent backing, Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 & Game Reprint might make it to the finish line. Its success will potentially allow SJGames to push on with more physical product releases in the GURPS line.

March 14a

Chocolate Cranberry Sourdough got better reaction than I expected. And it does make a good dunking bread in coffee.

March 13a