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It took most of the day, but my chocolate cranberry sourdough turned out great. Not a sweet bread and hard to categorize in terms of finding a distinct flavor to describe, its texture and rise surprised me. Cake-like without crumble upon slicing.

March 11a

My early attempts at sourdough starter resulted in a culture which produced about half to full centimeter depth yellow tinted liquid after a few days in refrigeration. This batch has produced some liquid, though only a few drops accumulate. Ajar lid helps.

March 10a

Going to give some sweet sourdough recipes a try, starting here: SourdoughHome.

Refreshing to find a recipe site with concise writing.

March 9a

Third loaf from successful sourdough starter rose a bit earlier than the last one, but did not bake large.

March 8a

Flurry of Choosing

Every month a new book slot opens for filling with a choice of reading. It takes a while making that choice, because once filled a whole month must pass before another slot opens.

March 3a

The unknown age whole wheat flour from my pantry only produced first stage bubbly trial starter with that bad smell, never ‘beery’.

Many accounts online described how they had found success from a …