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DFRPG does offer a model. An example of how to extract and refine any necessary rules for your desired setting. It offers examples of character build guides, in the form of templates, and opponent (monster) design. March 11p

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My personal interest in DFRPG would hold its success as a green light to writing and supporting it in a more direct way than blogging.

March 10a

The boxed version of DFRPG does not have much life left in it. Hope does appear in possible future digital versions (PDF), but nothing shows up as substantially solid about that and certainly not as a company priority.

March 09p

This announcement of failure prompted another large thread in discussion of DFRPG’s future. With a poll at its head about what to do with the line (not company generated), posts describe what it has, what it needed, and even speculation on why it failed. March 09a

Despite having sold nearly all of its printed copies, production of the game required too much of the company resources. They even reduced their print run by 30% of the initial projection. So, beyond Kickstarter backer interest, DFRPG had very little traction. March 08a

Why have I written all of this? (I mean, besides my quest for my Daily Blogger pin.) Now, it gets dark. This year, Steve Jackson Games - Report to Stakeholders flagged DFRPG as a failure.

March 07p

For myself, I found the box set held quality printed soft cover books, a printed map, cardboard miniatures, stands for those minis, and dice, as well as the extras from kickstarter add-ons. So, they had specially packed the DFRPG box for each backer. March 03p

DFRPG had a few relatively minor delays in shipping. Upon arrival, however, reviewers gave it high marks, many hits, and few misses. March 03a

Many supporters anticipated the release of DFRPG, generating over three thousand posts in its SJGames forums thread before anything delivered. March 02p

DFRPG gained its necessary funding and added a few stretch goals which each in turn unlocked. It looked like the game through that Kickstarter might have also gained more new supporters. It finished with a backing of almost two-hundred thousand USD in support. March 02a