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Something to strive for but not as a goal. [SLYT]
Similar to shooting for the moon.

If you build your gaming community large enough and everyone participates with as much time as they desire. Those living campaigns come close, but their corporate influences taint them.

A quarter again funded maybe physical distribution of DFRPG still has a life.

March 23a

DFRPG Monsters 2 and Reprint - SLKS ends today in about ten hours.

March 22a

I plan to work an overview a small example of another genre using DFRPG as a model to cut down the GURPS ruleset for the setting and design templates for characters. I cannot go into much detail, just enough to realize a model fit.

April 25a

Both Dungeon Fantasy and DFRPG have attempted to emulate a level advancement method using add-on improvement packages, usually in chunks of twenty or fifty points and specific to each starting template (but not restricted thereby).

April 11a

Rules about the dungeons themselves appropriately take up the rest of the Dungeon Delving eleven page section, covering most things which affect characters other than monsters or Non-Player Characters. Special side note: DFRPG sold out at SJGames main warehouse.

March 22p

The Exploits book for DFRPG has Rolling the Dice, Dungeon Delving, Fighting, Bad Things, and Game Mastering as its major sections. Of those, Dungeon Delving and Bad Things stand out as the genre defining sections. All genres have bad things, so just Dungeon Delving.

March 21p

If using the model of DFRPG boxed set, that environment ruleset only need cover that high end of a low technology level and things in dungeons or dungeon-like settings.

March 19p

To cut down on those power rules, DFRPG handles them as specific and limited template powers (similar to classes in other games). Each of these powers has all of its use defined in its description on each specific template. No need for extra rules!

March 13p

In theory, DFRPG offers a Powered by GURPS template for shaping GURPS rules to fit your desired setting or genre. Some elements might need adding. Dungeon crawls have relatively few game elements, usually considered a low technology environment, except for magic. March 12a