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Combo live and pre-recorded WWDC 2023?

Ah well, things didn’t work out for me to attend Micro Camp Saturday at all. I will have to catch the recordings available. Glad I got to see Friday sessions.

It looked like things went much better for what I could see than in previous years – cohesive chat.

Finally, released from even read-only (via NetNewsWire) Twitter feeds!

I don’t have their (malware-like) app and I will only access via web (not logged-in) when links take me there.

Absolutely done.

Every now and again I print my Terminal to PDF.

It brings back Teletype memories of middle school.

Bike has a few improvements

  • Typewriter mode (Top, Center, or Bottom options)
  • Focus mode (word, sentence, or paragraph options)
  • Status bar shows these Counts (character, words, sentences, paragraphs, and / or rows)

The linked page has a few videos (see Distraction-free thumbnail).

Before you know it, you’ve drunk the whole cup. ☕️

Did an old equivilant of “sleeping-in” today.

Meaning: I woke at 5 am, did my morning daily stuff, then took a nap for five hours.

[yes, blurry the vision followed. if you must know.]

Mauna Loa began erupting again on November 27th. Its eruption migrating to Northeast Rift Zone causing closure of roads for safety measures.

I think I enjoyed the activity for about one-and-a-half years during my teens. Other than it fascinating me as a young child, I briefly had the relax by burning time to fish gene.

Seeing a real decentralize trend warms my Internet-as-an-ideal heart.