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Superhero - someone who has super abilites and goes out of their way to help society sometimes risking own life


Supervillain - someone who has super abilites and does horrid things


Superperson - someone who has super abilities and chooses to take it easy

Something to strive for but not as a goal. [SLYT]
Similar to shooting for the moon.

If you build your gaming community large enough and everyone participates with as much time as they desire. Those living campaigns come close, but their corporate influences taint them.

Virtual conferences have a fatigue factor similar to venue conferences. It seems the source comes from seeing everyone’s thoughts and any interaction with those, instead of walking from room to room and booth to booth. Mental and emotional fatigue instead of muscular fatigue.

I like how my favorite edition of my favorite passtime sports a handsome slipcase.

Have always kept the ethereal plane as between material and classic elements of air, fire, earth, and water.

At over eighty percent backing, Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 & Game Reprint might make it to the finish line. Its success will potentially allow SJGames to push on with more physical product releases in the GURPS line.

March 14a

I plan to work an overview a small example of another genre using DFRPG as a model to cut down the GURPS ruleset for the setting and design templates for characters. I cannot go into much detail, just enough to realize a model fit.

April 25a

To help mitigate too drastic of changes, GURPS offers several ‘meta’ advantages and disadvantages which help drive their character stories back on course. The game master could assign these as part of their early templates.

April 19a

Unlike other systems, characters have already started quite capable and developed, ready to adventure where equivalent middle levels could go. GURPS has always provided capable starting individuals, usually at least one hundred points above the average zero points person base.

April 12a

Regarding advancement, GURPS does not treat character advancement with distinct levels. Instead, players improve each skill and add advantages, or buy-off disadvantages and penalties (through technique improvement) as they earn character points.

April 10a