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Professions used here has synonymous meaning as templates. GURPS uses “templates” as a set of trait choices within a basic character idea.

The player usually must take a few traits which form a …

Continuing with Exploits aside from those eleven pages for genre specifics, the core of the rules making this a Powered by GURPS product covers concepts which span genres — the Universal part. Using dice, combat, and suffering damage or other ill effects. March 23p

To those timeline based genres, throw in any supernatural element (magic, zombies, supers, etc.) to really shake up the rules necessary to handle each combination. The ruleset grows in overwhelming complexity. Fortunately, GURPS focuses on the player character.

March 18p

In theory, DFRPG offers a Powered by GURPS template for shaping GURPS rules to fit your desired setting or genre. Some elements might need adding. Dungeon crawls have relatively few game elements, usually considered a low technology environment, except for magic. March 12a

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Fourth Edition GURPS offers so much assembly material that I worry less about whether my ideas will have a basis in some rule, more that narrowing them down to avoid waffling might take forever. March 11a

Getting started at early stages of a game’s growth inspired me. A potential influencer, helping push the game along getting it going. Unless it does see support, it looks like I will need to shift to focus on venerable GURPS material.

March 10p

Powered by GURPS also gave it leeway to do things basic GURPS rules as written might not yet address — more appeal to the genre of dungeon crawling. March 06p

The “Powered by GURPS” portion of its moniker held a lot more depth for this set. Not just an aside with basic rules, most of any of GURPS rules which applied to this genre fit snuggly between the covers of these books. March 06a

That quality went inside. The many-option, many-selection nature of GURPS stripped down to an essence necessary for playing in classic “dungeon crawls.” Not a copy-paste, these rules books had clarity and simplicity where possible — focused theme writing. March 04a

GURPS, an acronym breaking down to mean: Generic Universal RolePlaying System, has a lot to offer players — old and new alike.

Dungeon Fantasy Role Playing Game uses GURPS as its system, Powered by GURPS as it goes. March 01p