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Today marks one year in space for JWST.

Prediction: Apple WEBB
Prediction: + WEBB
Prediction:  WEBB+ 

Far Out!

Dark Horse:  John Denver

If you can shop U.S. Stamps [USPS], this has JWST in panes of 20 available starting today (Aug 8, 2022).

small screenshot of portion of nine stamps depicting James Webb Space Telescope

Funny that I paid my Internet bill yesterday (ahead of due). Soon after, it went out for about ten hours.


I missed watching Live for release of JWST images. Glad to see the gallery this morning. Delighted!

NASA full image source and explaination of what you can see.

A crop of small portion of first JWST image presented by White House. Source here NASA. Image shows some lensing distortion.

29.9 MB image they showed at White House briefing.

Way more important to show everyone attending and sitting at make-shift desks, than to show a close-up of the subject of this briefing. Ha!

Sorry again, everyone. Horrible execution after so much build-up.

It has started!

Sign Linguist up and blinking.

Wow! Sorry, everyone. I didn’t realize how little they care about your time. Re: JWST preview delay.