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WEBB preview shifted to 5:30 pm.

White House YT link for event

One picturesque week ahead of us!


White House [SLNASA live] to preview WEBB image at 5 pm EDT.

The rest will release 10:30 am tomorrow (July 12th, 2022)

JWST Focused and Ready

Site has final focusing step pictures of sharpness check.

WEBB Telescope about halfway in instruments commissioning.

JWST has stacked all 18 images together into one image and proceeded to its Coarse Phasing step(4) in correcting the vertical displacement of the mirror segments.

The JWST track has changed to L2+Weeks (time since arrival at L2) and added name details of each procedure in progress.

JWST successfully detected first photons.

They added a new view for JWST at its tracking site. See button labeled “Webb in 3d Solar System” for 3D View with zoom|vector-scroll available.