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Tidbit of trivia about JWST orbit of L2: It takes about 180 days (a half-year) for the telescope to complete one orbit around Lagrange point L2.

Bonus: the few things JWST cannot observe include the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, Earth and Luna (The Moon). Everything else: observable.

The recent month long trip of JWST to its orbit at L2 reduces our wait for first images by that time and we only have about five months remaining.

Successful final burn - JWST arrived at L2!

Reminder JWST goes into L2 orbit today with coverage at 3 and 4 pm ET.

Two Days from JWST L2 insertion!

JWST event

Jan 24th source JWST twitter

		3pm ET (20 UTC) live with asks

		4pm ET (21 UTC) media teleconference

L2 Insertion

Mirror Segment Deployments Completed on JWST!

Five days to L2

L2 one week away

Eight Days to L2